Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The UN does not reach the target repel Ebola epidemic

Body found battered woman stabbed-in security | social security 24
Portrait guy Wanderer "gunfight" with 100 police
Morning 6-7, Room CSDT crime and social order (PC45) Tien Giang Provincial Police said the agency is investigating the murder clarify serious girl NXG, (born 1997) died in place, on people with multiple stab wounds. This case occurred in the province of Tan Tay (Go Cong Dong, Tien Giang) at noon on 5-7.
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At about 11h50 minutes on 5/7, G. mother, Mrs. Tran Thi Kieu Nhung from work when he saw many drops of blood under the tile floor next door. Now back door was ajar, she also pushed the door into the Velvet see see G died in the supine position, on the wounded dpd calling card and blood. The incident was quickly reported to authorities. dpd calling card
Through the initial investigation, authorities identified the suspect as Nguyen Van Cuong (born 1996, lives Tan Dong Cong Dong District, Tien Giang Province) and two suspected accomplices, Nguyen Hoang Trong and Vo Minh Hai was born in 1998 and lives and Tan East. Afternoon 5-7, authorities arrested and Trong Hai emergency.
The UN does not reach the target repel Ebola epidemic
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Police report
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