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When the immediate danger has disappeared, the island dwk began to send ships, and soon assumed its

Rocranon, dwk fertile, green island in the middle of the archipelago, has always been the object of human tales and stories. Although the land around it was divided between the rulers scramble with hands and kupczono her island remained intact, though many will be happy to put their paws on it. The reason for its uniqueness were dragons that inaccessible peaks Tahadów recognized for his house.
Every spring the Rocranon these great reptiles soared to fly to meet his great appetite among human settlements, dwk attacking a herd of animals, agricultural settlement, merchant ships, and sometimes even the walled city. It was hard to live for tens of kilometers away from Rocranon islands and definitely no one imagined living in the shadow of the mountain dragon dwk on it.
But then the dragons disappeared. Not quite, of course, and even today, because there are rumors of reptile that flew high over some islands, or less, that burned some Selo. But enough of that over a hundred years ago there was an adult who for once in his life seen by a dragon, dwk and today the majority of starts at all to doubt whether they exist, and the news of their meeting called fairy tales for children. dwk
When the immediate danger has disappeared, the island dwk began to send ships, and soon assumed its banks when the first human settlements. It Argadyjczycy matured, dwk however, the first potential of the island dwk and a small trading settlement, which they called Rocranon, began to flow into the world of ships with its treasures. The settlement dwk rapidly increased the richer and, until changed in the proud city, from which the island came to be called Rocranon. Today only, historians studying ancient maps could tell how once called this piece of land in the middle of the archipelago.
And so for nearly one hundred years Rocranon prospered, became rich and wrastało in consciousness as the ground dwk of people (although settlers quickly dwk discovered that the island has long been inhabited by elves) to become dwk the next safe piece of land. While on the island lived settlers from different parts of the world, it Argadyjczycy your wonderful city were considered having the greatest influence on it. The island, however, never and under no statement was not considered part of Lordostwa Argadów. At most, the day camp, economically dependent on the matrix, but having a large dose of autonomy and managed by locally elected rulers.
Today, nobody knows exactly what happened dwk fifteen years ago (in the year 783 according to the calendar Argadów) dwk that disaster swept through the city proud Rocranon. The city was, however, suddenly destroyed, but the most frightening was that the inhabitants transformed into terrifying undead.
Barely a few hundreds of frightened dwk and confused people escaped from this hell, bringing the world of the terrible stories of shaking the earth, crumbling walls and undead tearing on the street those who yesterday were their neighbors. Towards Rocranon ships started to explore these extraordinary news, but the images of destruction and terror that brought those who managed to come back, testified emphatically. The city has been lost.
The number of hypotheses about the causes of the disaster speaks to grow at an alarming rate. Was telling that it was elves that live in the city of overt hostility, dropped to not curse their foul magic. Others talked about a powerful sorcerer who has sworn revenge for some unspecified harm. But to whom? And why have suffered the whole city? For a long time popular dwk were rumors of an ancient demon who hands his cultists dwk satisfied your hunger dwk pain, destruction and blood. Over the years, however, paled speculation, and the city fell into increasing obscurity
About the site including but not forgotten you, the city brought income. Stories of wealth, social advancement prospects circulated among high-ranking Argadyjczyków, however long they could not hit the favorable ear. In the end, one of the younger sons, one argadyjskiego Lord, unable to count on too much from the paternal schedzie, he gathered around him a group of like-minded youths and their own funds organized an expedition to Rocranon. He called himself Wanrykiem Smagłym.
Like the previous islanders, what they saw in the ruins of the city Rocranon, filled them with terror and despair. They understood that the city can not repopulate. Wanryk had no reason to return to Argady. All his property dwk was gone, along with the expedition, and in addition to the ridicule which covered the back under the paternal wing with curled tail, received by him the opportunity to apply for any position worthy nobleman.
Wanryk turned his ship toward the Gulf of Fang and after landing in the most favorable dwk place for his people gave a speech. He said there that if you can not go back to what it once was, he with his own hands to build a future in this exact spot. His words were kidnapped young men joined, and in this way eight years ago (790 RWA) was founded Soth city, which became the new capital of the people dwk on the island.
Soon proved to be

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