Tuesday, November 4, 2014

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The overdue match 19 round Division II, Radomiak Radom just drew with the penultimate in the table Dawn New Manor Mazowiecki 1: 1. The result is as fair as possible, because the game is not delighted Greens and visitors consistently sought to tie and they ultimately failed, and in the end could not even turn the tide in their favor. Tonight on our relationship and post-match pictures and video tomorrow.
Output Configurations: Radomiak: dpd hotline Budzynski - Cieciura, snip, Świdzikowski, Derbich, Radecki, Figiel, dpd hotline Pach, Kornacki, Prędota, Odunka Dawn: Bigajski - Sosnowski, Kaminski, Drwęcki, Nowotka, Szczepanski, Ob, embarrassed, Shabbat, dpd hotline Ziąbski, Strzałkowski Bench reserve - Radomiak: Banasiak, Byszewski, Dubina, dpd hotline Leandro, dpd hotline Wlazło, Wojcik, grandson Subs - Dawn: Misiewicz, hovers, Grzelak, Drewnowski, Krawczyk, Gajewski
END OF MATCH 90 + 4 'In this game nothing will happen. Ob kick the ball into touch and the referee ends the meeting - Radomiak - Dawn of 1: 1! 90 + 3 'Another change in the Dawn - Drewnowski for Ziąbskiego 90 + 2' But the confusion of goal guests! Snip from two yards hits the crossbar! The ball bounced off even from one of the defenders of visitors. If it were not probably fall into the net 90 + 1 'Foul Szczepanski in the middle of the pitch and yellow card 90' Leandro offside 90 'Three minutes will add a judge 90' sharpens up cheering for the home team. A free kick from about 30 meters. The ball Pach, but piąstkuje Bigajski cross. 89 'Odunka shoots dpd hotline riders Radomiak odgwizdania demanding a penalty for handball one of the defenders of the Dawn, but the referee remained unmoved 88' Another yellow cardboard box for guests - this time for Sosnowski 87 'Yellow card for Gajewski (Dawn) 86' Shot Pach, but is too soft and Bigajski no problems 85 'action, but the ball Leandro did not reach 83' The game Radomiak in the last minutes does not look good. It newcomers took the initiative and threaten the goal of the Green 80 'Grzelak for Strzałkowski in the team of the Dawn 79' GOOL for Dawn. Passing on the left side of the Szczepanski and this shot along the ground past the right post Budzynski. Radomiak - Dawn of 1: 1 77 'harmless blow Strzałkowski 73' Substitution in Dawn - Galewski for Shabbat dpd hotline 73 'Contra dpd hotline Radomiak. Byszewski right side, gives Leandro, this runs into the box, falls on the pitch, but the referee does not dictate a penalty. The fans loudly express their disapproval of the decision of the arbitrator! 71 'From a distance shot Wlazło, but high above the goal. Earlier serious action team, but one of the players of the Green passed the ball 69 'The third change in Radomiaku. Leandro dpd hotline for Prędota. The team also hosts - as embarrassed enter hovers 66 'For a few minutes over the stadium's raining. Covered grandstand passes the test ... :) 64 'counterattack Dawn, but perfectly restrained by returning Byszewski 63' Wlazło to Byszewski, dpd hotline the right of the penalty area. Towing ball and finally decided on goal. However, the ball bounces off one of the defenders of guests and goes to a corner kick 61 'Byszewski harshly treated by one of the players of Dawn. Without consequences, the referee did not whistle even free kick 60 'The guests were trying to cross the defensive Radomiak. For now, they do not manage 58 'First dpd hotline yellow card for a player Dawn - punished Ziąbski 56' Shot Nowotki ... almost hit an ambulance standing dpd hotline behind the goal 55 'from the left wing cross from the flank Derbich, but completely unsuccessfully 53' Prank fouls - another yellow card for Radomiak 52 'Foul Pacha on the sidelines. Free kick for the guests. Sosnowski cross, but well piąstkuje Budzynski 50 'Greens started the second half superbly 47' caught their opponents Radomiak! Odunka goalscorer! In the confusion in the penalty box after a corner shot went under the legs of Nigerian, dpd hotline and the fifth subway gotten dpd hotline it into the goal! Radomiak - Dawn of 1: 0 46 'left side Odunka, cross and corner for Radomiak 46' began Radomiak - Players already run out of the locker room. In Radomiaku two changes - Byszewski for Radecki. and Wlazło for Kornacki END OF FIRST HALF OF THE 45 + 1 'at the break without a goal 45 + 1' Dawn had a free kick from the left. Sosnowski came to pick. It seemed like it would be a centripetal

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