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- I see that this is not true. The primary basis he said no scientific basis at all. He sat there o

An orchard Vu: Back orchard crime scenes
Portrait guy Wanderer "gunfight" with 100 police
Former Deputy public security police and an integer each member directly sledovanie zasielky protect the crime scene where the offender has caused Huynh Van Compression revisit many circumstances confusing, even ridiculous the case with reporters People Labour.
Information Security Criminal constantly updated news at 24H. Private investigators sledovanie zasielky capital sledovanie zasielky cases, any court, crime boss wanted by law. Video Diary 141 slug accompany fast, extremely HOT ...
Huynh Van Compression offender was identified as the only culprit in the murder of Ms. Le Thi Bong but escaped sledovanie zasielky punishment for having "made public" had previously claimed the family 6 Duong Thi My wife's murder - victims Human cases of what happened on the night garden 19/05/1993. The defendants in the orchard and 2004 are vindicated, except Compression.
Noon 5/11, Bui Minh Dang, former Deputy Police Tan Ming (now the town of Tan Minh, Ham Tan, Binh Thuan province), and an integer policeman directly protect each scene 2 cases felony on led us to place her body discovered America and rocky hills - where the findings of Binh Thuan Provincial Police said Compression slept there all night after killing her cotton. On this rocky hill, he Login pointing towards the path that describes findings after killing her cotton, stripped of her gold rings, Compression has thrown the door locks are always victims and dropped the ring.
"The parachute cord that indictment describes Compression sledovanie zasielky Cotton used to strangle her to death was thrown while running Compression here, conduct field then a man named Nguyen Van Phuc found and handed it back to the investigating agencies in a field to 157 m "- a former policeman said.
Police also stated this, the people in his own security force witnessed the scene investigators collected 2 of the wire though nearly 1 m long, 1 to 1.3 cm wide and 2 children knife and carefully use a chair overlap one knife lest someone accidentally stepped on. But, just a moment later, after making the records seized the knife exhibits as well as 1 in 2 of the wire (wire segment is determined to strangle Compression victims - PV) died of unknown reasons by.
Before the prisoner sledovanie zasielky Nguyen Phuc Thanh Nguyen Tho and Ho denouncing new Van Vietnam is the culprit who killed Mrs. Cotton, 6/11 lunch, we met Mr. Nguyen Thai (father of Life, live Tan Germany, Ham Tan) . He said Thai 1 year ago Bong night she was murdered (04/23/1998), so there should be something frustrating about Tho Tho he drove. Since then, Tho away, never to return and did not contact family. "Frankly I'm not sure my child murder or not, so they shut up" - he said and affirmed Thai unprecedented sledovanie zasielky public authorities asked him about the whereabouts of Tho Tho return or request.
However, many people near his home in Thailand said Tho away some time before the incident, but later returned. They have heard about her murder Bong Life, Life witnessed selling gold and flee; The motorbike transport sledovanie zasielky people to store gold and Tho Huynh Van Nghia. However, the agency does not verify this fact.
I asked Compression know for "orchard" should not have said sure. I recommend that if you know the truth should we add that service to be mitigated punishment in the case because the moment she Bong murder Duong Thi US "rules". Later in court, Compression also declare more American murder her.
- I have enough time to study the documents. According to records, sledovanie zasielky the word bow, witnesses, findings and statements sledovanie zasielky of Compression same end, so I see no problem. Findings, sledovanie zasielky reconstructed the scene, Compress no idea. The exposure time in prison and in court, I have asked repeatedly many times the details of her gold rings Cotton. Compression has taken and confirmed dropped lose so I can not go further, there is nothing to say Compression.
- I see that this is not true. The primary basis he said no scientific basis at all. He sat there on the court as they know what to do. Eyewitnesses (Ms. Cotton), the dead, not the flagrant flagrant how?
- I feel no problems or errors whatsoever. Conscience and responsibility of lawyers, I did my best to help the defendant from death to life imprisonment. According to records, witness sledovanie zasielky testimony and that the sentence is appropriate. Unless the investigating agencies and Compression collude make records accordingly, sledovanie zasielky logic, but it is very unlikely sledovanie zasielky to happen.
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