Monday, November 3, 2014

I regret that you were not, because of your clear glass would give więcj favor than my 4.5. Most ha

This blog refers to my greatest passion - wildlife. As a child, I was shooting gawronom, putting the binoculars lens Smieny 8 ... sigh. Blog is dedicated to the late Father, who gave me a great love for the forest and the forest taught to understand. I believe trackon that stopped moments from the life of the same forest and wildlife trackon Warmia, you move though for a moment to a better world than this overbooked stress, which we know from everyday life. Pokazujcie these pictures for children - it makes sense.
If you were expecting that today's weather trackon will stop me in the house, it's ... you were right :) likes wildlife in such strong wind gusts, particularly foxes in the forest dark, poor pictures, visit our son, so all spoke with one voice - become at home! And I was. Tomorrow I will go to the forest, of course, even the thunder from the sky were falling, but today I thought that if I showed the river about sunset, then you should you be the same river on the east. What I am doing. Yesterday I was on the spot, which is 513 meters from the house, just before sunrise, I walked out of the house ... 5.13! I love The Sun rises in the area, are promising, each different from the previous one. Lifting the shield closest star to us also raises the spirits. Especially at this time of year when I look forward to at least 2 degrees more. Morning classics trackon - all the frost. But that was in one of the previous posts. I focused on birds. Crosswords trackon eagerly poutykane trackon in the meanders of the shore, waiting impatiently until I go on. Keen as a scout on the first night watch. They can not be in any way surprised at such short distances. Lyna at this point is maybe 8 feet wide .... Beavers put everything there was to position the ducks away from me just cane.
Only this beautiful moment begins trackon to change trackon direction lights. trackon
reveals ...
However, do not always manage to make it ...
Photograph No. 1 and No. 9 corroborate just my theories, there is no 'trite' and not worthy of photographing objects ... is important because the moment, which even if nieuwieczniona trackon remains 'cadre in the head' forever. The effect of so much blurred wings Focus crossword puzzles while keeping the remaining part of the frame is impressive and it is not easy to achieve. Congratulations! Reply Delete
13 meters in just 2 days! So there is a chance to break the record Amundsen from 1897, which went from house to 524.6 m! Only if it can stand the killing pace ?! Okay. It is green with envy. The alarm clock rang, I got up there and did not go with you. And now even more regret. Mallard with fuzzy wings! Super came out. Well and of course landscapes nadłyńskie. Reply Delete
I regret that you were not, because of your clear glass would give więcj favor than my 4.5. Most happened before the advent of the sun. Next time they say the Russians. :) Well, no jealousy, because you know ... it was cold and all ... so in the morning ...;) Delete
2014 (113) November (2) October (11) September trackon (14) August (16) July (17) June (12) May (11) April (14) March (16) King for 5 dollars and forty cents! tit on his head! Amendment of the swamp! podolsztyńskie swamp forest wall mural on the Nordic way ... I knew ... because when you get up the dawn la lala la ... winter, winter, winter ... farewell to escape from the forest :) storm, snow, rain and sun ... 513 meters away from the home - dawn! 500 meters trackon from the house - Twilight! trackon I love Las ... cranes from the forest ... A wonderful day. Las Warmia
unusual find
marshes (3) barnacle goose (1) Canadian goose (2) wheatear (1) Bald Eagle (6) stork (7) The white stork (1) bulls (2) Marsh Pond (3) Cepeliada (1) swarm (1) calf ( 10) Lapwing (1) Great Egret (1), Grey Heron (2) Blackface (1) Crested (2) daniel (3) Thrush (1) red-backed shrike (3) wildlife (17) woodpecker (1) woodpecker (4) oak (1) ethics (1) ga

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