Saturday, November 1, 2014

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Best Polish website dedicated to the Greek island of Crete and to a small extent, the Greek mainland. You will find useful information associated with visits to Crete. Alternative ways of exploring beyond the offer of optional excursions. The website will also find descriptions of the most interesting places that we visited exploring the greatest caithness courier Greek island. Content complement current news, photographs and regulations Greek cuisine.
The Greek Ministry of Defense issued an official statement which announced that at the moment Greece is not taking an active part in the operation to establish a no-fly zone over Libya. caithness courier However, there is an auxiliary function to perform military base in Souda (Chania niedako caithness courier located on the island of Crete) caithness courier and the airport Aktio and Andravida. Athens also offered to share their helicopter in the event that there is a need to take action search and rescue.
It is hoped that the Greeks (like the Poles) will not desire to actively participate in the operation. Warplanes taking off from the airport of Souda (near Chania) is practically a daily view. But otherwise receives such operations when it is known that the pick-up line to fly the F-16 will be patrolling the border with Turkey and totally different caithness courier when you know that this is the start of an operation to a real battle. Currently, the military base in Souda 115 Wing stationed Greek Air Force which consists of 340 and 343 Squadron Battle of kryptonimach "Fox" and "Star". Both units in operation combat aircraft F-16C / D Block 52+.

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