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The cool crisp air and turned into a damp and musty. Darkness prevailed in the corridors was as thi

Wings odonaty 8 | my-sacred
The cool crisp air and turned into a damp and musty. Darkness prevailed in the corridors was as thick as the outside. Arnica followed quickly, hearing his breath and watching the white pebbles which showed her the way. After a few moments she reached the armor. Przyjrzałaby her closely, because it intrigued her greatly. Was forged for Emnildy, decorated with ornaments and precious stones. Intricate and extraordinary work! But it was in a hurry to Trofim, so she began to grope in search of a stone wall, and finding him, pushed hard. Helped push the boulder in the wall, but did not move. Mermaid with all his weight leaned against him and even more trying to push him into the wall. Something zazgrzytało and earth slid out from under her feet. On the wall there was a gap, in which only the hand could slip. She took a step back, and momentum it hit the bar. Neither flinched, only hurt her arm firmly. She tried a second time and a third, but the wall is still resisted. Again the girls showered paragraph hail of words in a strange language, and soon after took a deep breath, stepped back even further, and fell with all his strength against the wall. This finally gave way, and the eyes of nymphs appeared hallway with bare different from that which reached here. It was not a natural Wykrot, but built of stone and wooden beams. Every few meters beneath the vaulted ceiling hanging oil lamp, which probably once illuminated the ruler of the road. Arnica did not need light. She followed the directions Będzimira and looked him up, reached the place where the corridor became shorter and tighter. After defeating proof of delivery a few more feet, she saw a gap in the roof, pledged at the top bales and iron kitchenware. It was enough to straighten up, to put his head and look. Yes she did.
In the darkness she saw no one and no one heard or not. Somewhere from the depths came the voices and moans and creaking proof of delivery iron chains. She pushed carefully and stuck to the wall. Darkness reigned here great. Hid in him, gathering his thoughts. It was probably after midnight and the sound faded. Fell silent conversation and laughter guards. Only moans slashed the silence. Mermaid listened to unpleasant sounds, taking pity on those whose suffering touched. And when I felt that the dream seized the guards moved forward, toward the light that emanated from the dungeons. Escaped several meters and reached the place where the intersecting corridors. She clung more to the wall, held her breath and leaned his head. Light the torches hanging on the stone wall almost blinded proof of delivery her. Eyes accustomed to the darkness could not bear it, so backed up, but then looked again.
On the right on both sides of the humid and musty corridor was a heavy wooden door locked with a key. On the left a few meters proof of delivery away was located a small sitting room, which is a larger part of the corridor. There were clunky furniture as a small table and a couple of broken proof of delivery chairs. On one of them sat a broad-shouldered proof of delivery man with a shaved head, dressed in a sleeveless leather jerkin and leather pants. proof of delivery He rested proof of delivery his head on his hand and taking a nap, holding a bunch of keys. Beside him stood equipment disgusting: some big pincers, iron spikes, massive spears and whips. Some of the things posted and was on the walls, and beneath them was visible decorative floral motifs, polished stone, which was once a beautiful decoration. In the depths of bore enter the premises, which had no door, and only the lattice. From there came the jaws chains.
Arnika decided that the first check purposes. Quietly sneaking from one door to another, peering into small windows. In none saw Trophimus. She could see the faces behind it's rugged furrows and covered with scabs, dried blood, her skin sallow and rough faces, whose eyes probably went out already, but the body was still alive ... The view was awful, the scarier it painted accustomed to freedom, she could not bear the thought by imprisonment in a cramped, dark cell with no view of the sky where the air is almost petrified, because I did not reach there ever a gust of wind ... heavy breathing was greatly disturbed the silence that echoed in the corridors.
Silently proof of delivery glided past the guard with the keys and peered into the first room with bars. There were no bunks or observed empirically, only piles of rotten straw, on which lay people chain chained to the wall. In the darkness did not recognize proof of delivery in any Trophimus. Sped to the next cell ... There, it was not. She found it at last, half-alive. He lay curled up on the stone floor, his face turned to the wall. Only shortness of breath testified that he was still alive. His powerful body was covered with furrows arising from bumps and bruises whip, which took deep blue color. Cruelly bypassed with him to the castle, przeokrutnie. Arnika again felt pain, she could not either define or even locate. She leaned over and stroked his lumberjack face. Do not open his eyes,

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