Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Chapter IV - in the process of writing :) I wrote the prologue to my new blog, I invite you: Two wi

My dear readers! Last Dawn is a story in which I put my high hopes. But no time for publication can be felt. What can I say to you today? blue dart courier track I thought I could do, but unfortunately it did not work out, but defended the hands and feet. There are two reasons for the suspension of the story. Firstly, lack of time, and secondly ... When I started to write the fourth chapter, something struck me and I noticed that eg. In the prologue, there are many shortcomings, it is the same with the next chapters. I realized that it does not work out as I decided. And ... I started to write this story from the beginning. Heroes not into big changes, but some pozmieniaƂam names or surnames. Kind of the same idea, but a lot of elements other than in the original version. I assure you that it is a better scene last dawn. I suppose that as soon as I took the time to publish a new first chapter (prologue this time will not), but first I would like to write a few chapters to be certain that this is the way I want to tell the story of Ravenna, Christopher and their friends. Certainly not abandon this idea, but if I suspend. For an indefinite period. I would like to thank you, because you never on any blog I had over 6000 views and 21 observers. You are the best readers I have ever had. I will be back, sooner or later it will happen. But at the moment blue dart courier track I'm leaving. On your blogs I will look and comment, blue dart courier track you can be sure. Still reklamujcie in spam, I'll be there regularly checking back :) My other blog, that is, two wings also mount it, except that for the time being not continuing the story. blue dart courier track I greet all of you warmly and I'm sorry. Really tried. Aniela blue dart courier track
No, my dear! I just wrote the same message, so that the third chapter I will add it. Well what happens to us? I think all writers have the period of time that they do not fit, in my case - does not come to mind. Kisses! Reply Delete
Chapter IV - in the process of writing :) I wrote the prologue to my new blog, I invite you: Two wings. I invite you also to submit a new directory of stories: Buckle. So that you do not think that I do not write, I will update date news tab ^^: September 4, 2014 one year. I just started the school year, in the near future, competition and consequently - chapter in disarray. But I have an idea and I'm not going to abandon him. Kisses: *
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