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In the middle of the night Koukash noticed a strange phenomenon. In the depths of lesu something op

Lined up in the skirmishers heroes scour the forest, searching for further hk post signs of living spiders. Single networks contribute little new, but finally manage to find a clear track feeding these animals. When you finally face oblepionym networks ravine Noglimax stated that they found the nest. A brief discussion about what to do leads to the only one possible conclusion. You have to investigate. Nuadu sent to the mountain, at the edge of the ravine, is the team with the shield of its arc, the other daredevils descend to the bottom of the ravine sharply sloping path.
Carefully maneuvering between huge cobwebs, the team delves into the sticky twilight jack and stop dead in their tracks. On the vertical walls the network kept spiders of different sizes, największo has a length of male forearm. There are many. A moment of doubt creeps into the hearts of the hunters, when they realize that perhaps somewhat overestimated his strength. Noglimax proposes to withdraw and return with more people, but the rest opted for a deeper reconnaissance and conviction to what it is on.
Before a final decision is taken, the network in the center of pallet slides one of the smaller spiders and be curious begins to approach hk post the intruders. Without thinking Koukash grabs a large stone and throws hk post it in the arthropod. Spider dies crushed by an improvised hk post projectile, which is poured into the hearts of the rest of the courage, perhaps hk post moving into the lair. Now he and other spiders are alerted and start to explore unexpected danger.
First euphoria hk post turns into uncertainty when the holes are starting to creep out any spiders, and depth lair suddenly appears the biggest of them reaching the length of 60 centimeters. From the top of the ravine Nuadu begins ostrzeliwywać opponents, from ground level does the same Keffar. The latter sends an arrow customs largest spider, forcing him to flee somewhere between networks. At the same time Noglimax and Koukash assume the main force of the impact, hk post and now I drive off the spiders spears.
Furiously biting enemies are beginning to give way to the fields. Spears and arrows bring death following creatures, nothing indicates the tragedy, until the moment when this occurs. The largest of the spiders, wearing only known passages from the leaves of trees and spider webs made his way to the back of the heroes and insidiously attacks Noglimaxa. hk post The attack is so unexpected, yet powerful, this brave province falls as mowed down on the doorstep of Koukasha. Paezurczyk hk post with a shout that could freeze the blood in the veins of the bravest throws himself at the beast and sting again and again his skeevy abdomen. Spider tries to retreat before a frantic storm of blows, but for him it is too late.
When he fell the last of the spider hk post enemies heroes rushed to Noglimaxowi, but nothing could be done now, he breathed his last a few kilometers from home, two days before the end of the year and the coming of the new. Bitterly felt and sad. Heroes burned the network socket ransacked and destroyed them as they could accurately as possible. For the brave hunters did hastily stretcher on which it suffered following their footsteps to the place where they separated themselves from the rest of the group. The track was Świerzy and clearly, no challenge for hunters, so they followed him, but it reached the end, dusk fell.
It was a sad evening at a small fireplace. Bears the wounds, because none of the soldiers did not go unscathed, but Nuadu, which covered the group from afar. In fact, almost did not speak to each other, only Koukash hk post railed under his breath the whole nation pajęczemu and soon the only one left on guard, and Nuadu of Keffarem went to sleep.
In the middle of the night Koukash noticed a strange phenomenon. In the depths of lesu something opalizowało gentle blue light. Lined fear sprang toward Keffarowi and woke him up to replace him on guard, then, as it is in his customary fell asleep before his head came to rest on a hard pillow made of his travel bag. Keffar also noticed a strange light in the distance, but he walked away from the safe, campfire, only Nuadu when his turn came, he decided to explore what else of the lights in the forest wilderness.
No more than 150 meters from their encampment was a pond, which was the source of an unusual light. And not even the same spring, and stone him wystający.O Amazingly the water reservoir hk post could feel the heat, which also turned out to be the merit of the stone. Nuadu tempted touched his ovoid surface and suddenly descended upon him peace and relaxation. Even back his energy and strength, weakened by the events of the day.
As soon as daylight broke, Nuadu shared his discovery and comrades led to the pond, where it soon became clear that the stone has a much more powerful effect. The wounds inflicted by spiders hk post zabliźniały the eyes of the characters, when it touched sequentially. Before zdążyłbyś reader to add two and two, the characters already leaps and drove to the camp soon Noglimaxa hk post body submerged hk post in the water, based on the stone, and the team oc

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