Thursday, November 20, 2014

Portrait of Gypsy man

Body found in bushes man-corpses | Security Away
Portrait of Gypsy man "gunfight" with 100 police
About 6 days 8/23, when cows drop in the Ha Pagoda, Bao Lien ward, Vinh Yen City, Vinh Phuc, a resident of nearby discovered the bodies a dead man lying face down in a pool water.
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According to initial information, the date at 6 8.23, a locals While walking in wasteland near Ha Pagoda, Bao Lien ward, Vinh Yen City, Vinh Phuc, then spotted a man He died in the water face down position. Panic, people were chanting swap road users and reported to local authorities on the case.
After a forensic investigation, authorities discovered the victim had died several days earlier. Bodies were victims phenh policy and is showing signs of decay. The victim died in the prone position, face-down nearby puddle. Right next to the bodies, citizens and local authorities discovered a dark green Wave, brought SB 88 F6 - 4661 is said to be the victim leave.
People living near the place where the victim's body, said: "Yesterday, when passing through this area I saw a motorcycle placed in the area but do not know of anyone. Seeing the car in person that thought should also unaware that just passed. Because this area luxuriant vegetation, few people paket jne go into it so much he just addicted to the rather curious people, nobody goes into that whole ".
Through the initial autopsy, paket jne authorities found no identification on the victim's paket jne car and at the scene. Currently the identity of the man above is still relevant authorities Vinh Phuc investigation and clarification.
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