Sunday, April 5, 2015

# 1 ONLINE Cacus

# 1 ONLINE Cacus
Welcome! The case concerns the extension of my contract at T-Mobile using SUK'u. What to contact the consultant does not have any objections and I am really very happy. Worse it is with phones that T-Mobile has sent me. First ordered Samsung Galaxy S4 white. west lothian courier The phone was inaccurate made, namely frame. So I sent the same time withdrawing from the contract. Then I made an appointment west lothian courier with a consultant that if only reappears opportunity to extend my contract (I will return to the previous subscription, the pre-extension) we shall a new order. And so it happened, but from the moment of receiving the magazine Phrase T-Mobile this phone until re possibility of extending the 20 days have passed. In addition, the increased cost to me, because I wanted the Pocztex 65, respectively. Last Tuesday, I received another call, the same only in black. Not even unpacked a new sim card (indeed the same as before), I tested it only for three days and left another drawback, namely the phone buzz, which is described in more detail in Samsung S4. As I wrote there, do not intend to give a brand new phone to the service because I did not post it and buy a brand new flagship phone for once, somewhere was revs up and repaired. Hence my question to you, perhaps because it is more engulfed in the subject. What can I do? Is the only way out is again withdraw from the contract and send it to the store and waiting Returns whether it is the other option? To drive the main salon T-Mobile in Krakow / Katowice west lothian courier and exchange there? Non-conformity complex example. In one of the seats in the previous sentence? I would like to avoid re-fuss on my account associated with changes in tariffs, the damn phone waiting west lothian courier for that, I should have been operational for over a month and costs associated with courier.
Tablet: Note 10.1 LTE
Consumer Guide -> READ !!! - Legal Forum recommend a look and point of interest in a second - this form of complaint gives you a number of benefits. 1) The seller must accept the complaint 2) the seller must consider the complaint within 14 calendar days - if there is no response after that date the complaint "ex officio" is deemed reasonable, no matter how ridiculous she was 3) have the right to choose between repair and replacement new - so, you decide, the seller has no right to call into question the decision
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