Tuesday, April 14, 2015

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September is preparing a truly epic event with bajerami the Institute of High Voltage. Speaking of "epic", I mean really citylink packed miracles opportunity to play with a thousand #friendsie with cream Polish blogosphere, celebrities Social Media, live music, best foodtruckami in the city and - as I know the Lord and I remember last year's Party Like a Lord - surprises which can not be expected. There are few occasions during the year to see all these sites mordek, and for me to meet them work very energizing and inspiring, so I can not wait lordowskiej event!
Each cooperating with Lord bloggers can take to a party of four of its readers, and therefore decided to organize a small competition. Everyone at home. Every little bit different. I figured ... make-up like a lord, or simply, the Polish: makeup after lordowsku. :) It can be lord or on the counter, can be an ordinary mortal, it can be fun, it can be serious, can be correct or completely incorrect. It is important that it be makeup citylink and has me be emailed to the email in the form of pictures.
CHALLENGE CONTEST: Send me an email a photo of your imagination "Make-up like a Lord" or lordowskiego makeup. Win four most inventive, the most beautiful or the funniest photo. Mail title should be "CONTEST". A, and the image should not exceed a weight of 300 kB.
AWARDS: four double event invitations citylink Party Like a Lord that the winner will get a courier, after the administration me your contact details. The event will take place on September 27 at the Institute of High Voltage.
RESULTS: During the four days of the end of the contest will appear in the update of this note together with the victorious works. If it fails, you still have a chance at the other bloggers or at Somersby.
Well, we have the winners - or rather four winners, whose makeup captivated me. One challenge treated very seriously and did a professional makeup lordowski citylink as makeup school. Second poszalała and showered with gold, adding citylink to the stunning smile. The third is rozdwoiła and oskarowo played lord pair. And fourth, despite the fact that she sent pictures of poor quality, absolutely I bought the idea (and execution) lines on the eyelids lordowskich shaped mustache. citylink No bomb! : D Congratulations to all four, and please send me a quick contact details (name, address and telephone number for the courier). I'll see you at the party at Lord Somersby. I can not wait for you! <3 Justin Olga Run to dream Mia Miaa
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