Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Tweet We have decided to release the drivers on toll fees on the A1 in all the weekend of August; T

Tweet We have decided to release the drivers on toll fees on the A1 in all the weekend of August; This should reduce traffic jams - said Wednesday at a press conference, Prime Minister Donald Tusk. The cost of this decision should not exceed 20 million zł.
"We have decided to release the charge drivers with all the weekend of August, which we remain. It's not about exemption, because bufferbox it is our loss and needs to be covered, but it comes with the opening goal, which should reduce (... ) plugs and thus may avoid such tasiemcowych, hours of traffic jams, "- said the head of government. He added that the exemption will be valid from Friday after midday. 16 to midnight on Sunday. bufferbox For long, the August bufferbox weekend this decision will be effective from Thursday. The government also let us analyze whether such a decision should not also apply to the day of All Saints. According to the information of the Ministry of Infrastructure that the goal is to be open to all entrances and exits to the highway on the section from Toruń to Gdańsk. Motorists traveling in the time you will not have to pay almost 30 zł tolls the A1 motorway. The first goal in this section can be found in the town of Nowa Wies near Torun, bufferbox the last in Rusocin near Gdansk. As the Prime Minister said, were it not for this decision, it is at a 30-degree heat could occur on the highway "to the dramatic events." "It is therefore also for the safety of the passengers. It's bufferbox about the A1 in two places, especially at the entrance near Toruń, but also in Gdańsk. bufferbox It plugs intensity is unacceptable," - he said. He recalled that the concession contract for the A1 assumes that payments from the state budget, which are directed to the highway concessionaire, are fixed and based on the contract. "The question of the loss is not associated with a refund (...) to a private entity," - he said. He added that the GTC, which is the concessionaire on the A1, is responsible for the collection of fees, but communicate these measures to the National Road Fund. "We will have the loss of money to the National bufferbox Road Fund to supplement from the special reserve, which is at my disposal" - he stressed. The Prime Minister has estimated that in the August summit should not exceed 20 million bufferbox zł. He assured that the government is confident these estimates, which are based on the movement of vehicles on the highway in July. Tusk argued that "it is the thing plugs characteristic of this part of the world and not just". "Probably will not find in Poland - and I am actually sure, taking into account the development of the automotive industry - a completely unique way to ease traffic congestion," - he said. He added that once were designed network of motorways in Poland, used a forecast, which provided much lower volume of traffic. However, he added that the government will be looking for solutions to reduce the phenomenon of long hours of standing on the highway in front of the gates. bufferbox "I am confident that by the end of systemically find another solution. It is all about - I can say with 100 percent more. Certainly - by replacing this toll, which is the goal. I, of course, the highways that are at our disposal, under the control bufferbox of the state, but we will also negotiate with concessionaires and I think that we will certainly to an agreement, "- he said. The Prime Minister added that the government will study which system is more convenient, safer and more efficient from the point of view of drivers and team highways. bufferbox "It is known that the gates are probably the least effective way. Therefore, we expect this fairly bufferbox common bufferbox electronic collection, or vignette," - he said. He recalled that during the reign of the SLD was opposed to the idea of introducing vignettes, who proposed the then Deputy Prime Minister Marek Pol, because the country was not in fact highways and expressways. "These vignettes bufferbox were to be a form of tax, which was to finance the construction of expressways and highways. That was the reason why we protested against the introduction of vignettes as an additional tax," - said Donald Tusk. "It will take us a few months, but the next summit bufferbox Holiday longer - I think - in another toll rigor and therefore kinder to drivers" - summed up the prime minister. Ministry of Infrastructure and Development said on Wednesday in a statement that in the spring of this year decided to nierozbudowywaniu manual toll system on motorways managed by GDDKiA. "We want that from 2017 years for cars in force in Poland modern electronic toll collection system. Later this year, together with GDDKiA will be prepared on the assumption of an electronic system. In 2015, conduct a tender, which will select a contractor of an electronic bufferbox system. That is, that until the new system bufferbox drivers of passenger cars will not pay for the journey newly condominiums sections of highways "- gave the resort. To the decision to dismiss the Prime Minister of charge drivers on the A1 motorway toll suffered in Wed

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