Saturday, April 4, 2015

The key to our salvation, our participation dpd pl in political and social issues in our country. W

Dollar war in Syria and Nikolai Malyshvsky PhD candidate in political dpd pl science, dpd pl translation and PS: a. D. Milky About Message Board Member Ali out of the sugarcane to all national labor union seeking to remedy the current situation of the occupation: the Weasley Clark and video occupies seven countries in five years, I'm a rebel (Prison Memoirs), memorial Khosrow rose and dignity Daneshian and twelve: A. Smakar jeld, man 1 shooreshi hastam note of Reza Shhaby, board member and Treasurer of the Union of Workers of Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company
Diego Velazquez The Forge of Vulcan 1630
Autumn M. Sakhaie
Fall arrived on crutches and tired sitting on a carpet of snow Pnjrrv Nbndyn our guests the beautiful fall color fall four seasons Each lullaby says God hear you ask Azizak willow trees in autumn arrives tomorrow on crutches and tired Our guests are sitting on a carpet of snow and autumn when the leaves of trees dying memories dpd pl again mid June June Makin Brgarv falling from the branches I watch when I fall arrived today will die tomorrow leaning on a cane and tired on a carpet of snow guest We sat Pnjrrv Nbndyn beautiful autumn color fall four seasons Each Lala Yi says God hear you ask Azizak willow trees in the hope of tomorrow
I lost the flower with thorns and Khsy Bnshst hundred times I stayed and oppression dpd pl Wayne lifeless body
Children of legends such as "Cinderella," "Sleeping Beauty," "Snow White" and ... always dpd pl a prince on a white horse and rider "young girl captive" saved, and then eternity in bliss flourishing lives. The key point in all these stories is the story of failure and frustration, or sleep, or do not have the charm and power. They need a "savior myth 'that a trunk, problems aside, demons and dragons destroyed, roads impassable during and release the captives, and the joy and happiness, to bring all .
Unfortunately, we believe these stories and centuries Iranians that we all sat down to await a "savior myth ', a' prince riding a white horse", a "bottomless pit Imam", a "power" to come and We dug out of the evil authoritarian governments, and lead us to freedom and democracy. We stand together and pour mud beneath his feet, he hit the floor, cheering us and our prayers the way we come. When the media and fan sites Reza Pahlavi a woman, all the talk is that "the only way to save us from the front face of the charismatic prince and throw him.," Or "it who Shahzadah? They speak many languages, pilot and all they know. "Or" Prince Reza Pahlavi, we are a national asset. "Reformers that the media, all the talk is that" if Mr. Hashemi Rafsanjani enters dpd pl the ring to be, we will go out of this crisis. "," It is enough to give the administration the same ones that during the 8 years of war, the country's management, all problems are solved. "" If Mr. Khatami, the elders together, it will find a solution for dealing with sanctions. "Of course not," Ya Hossein, Mir Hossein "of the mind. They say that "we have only the nodes of Mousavi and Karroubi be opened." The MKO is almost 20 years ago, "the National Council of Resistance, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi as President of the transition period after the fall of the Islamic Republic Top "Over dpd pl the years and never thought to voting and feedback from others, about the choice that has not happened. A large number of Iranians, who are not monarchists, not a reformer, not a warrior, a bowl of what I do, what I would have taken her question is always who can save us?
The key to our salvation, our participation dpd pl in political and social issues in our country. Wait until the "savior of the legendary" are, our situation is the same. Think back to 57 years. I said, "Dave Cho out, Lord comes." Angel who had seen her picture in a month, so we fuck, that is, some of us have been looking for the family of the demon. Freedom, democracy and human rights "people" do not bring to us, but a result of the activity dpd pl "people" countries. We need to get past the ring and everyone entered into the homeland citizenship and patriotism and duty to do. We have to work, read, write, we review other content. Build civil society and independent media. Sense of responsibility and political activists support. Our politicians accountable. Not allow others to fulfill our "enlightened" dpd pl and "elite" of the move. We have by our own elite, and of our own choice and be elevated. dpd pl Someone with "doctor certified" Hi there and Aliyak, Khoshab necessarily "national elite" is not. Who "was Professor or Doctor" was necessarily "educated person", must see and do in your field of expertise, he speaks what is not? The person who wrote the article was published, necessarily, "I understand that," No, we should see what is contained in his books and articles. Who

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