Sunday, April 12, 2015

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I made a few phone calls to the lady who also made a few phone calls ... I received courier prices a text message and 16:30 that "your order will be executed on 20.05 very sorry for the inconvenience ... if you have questions, please call"
no liability for the courier and immaturity as a breach courier prices of contract ... after a few more tetefonach realized that the courier simply have missed my city to develop the niemoimi packages - natural selection, not malicious, courier prices
I called for him to know that they are very sorry again, there is nothing they can do, but I can drive to the database itself (50km), leaving four young children (aged 2-7 suffering from smallpox) under the care of 90 year old grandmother ... nieradzącemu to help themselves to the courier in his work ...
... Mature enough for that to try again with ferelnym courier - after yet another failure of the phone (the phone discharged him ...), to mature enough to go to the Green Mountains and found at the end of the world base, drove to the center in the midst of lorries and asked:
- "No" - answered, but they found the right person who accepted the package, tagged with red scribbles "SO" what did that mean Saturday courier prices and the last lorry (obviously not including courier prices the parcels On Saturday, because it was no longer there) drove my parcel to Poznan courier prices where all the lorries courier prices were going to have time and there it will change into a truck to Bydgoszcz ...
"Among the internal and external opposition did everything to icon arrived on Saturday to you - rest in the hands of our Lord Jesus Christ, who gave me the strength to things beyond my strength, probably not for nothing ... so I'm waiting for a miracle"
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