Monday, April 20, 2015

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Tweet currently used in Poland manually closed system of collecting tolls toll road sections does not work and should be replaced by an open electronic toll collection system (MLFF, Multi-Lane Free-Flow), which will remove the impediment to traffic flow and will save on the use of goals , believes Jagiellonian professional courier tracker Institute.
Institute wrote in his opinion that the manual closed toll system does not meet any of these three requirements are burdensome and costly for drivers professional courier tracker (due to the need to employ professional courier tracker people Chargers, maintaining separate lanes on highways, barriers, etc.). It is not too modern. "The solution professional courier tracker is to put - without delay - open electronic toll collection system (MLFF, Multi-Lane Free-Flow). This solution eliminates the disadvantages of a closed professional courier tracker system. Instead, gates and barriers, as well as having to pay a fee to the designated employee, professional courier tracker we are dealing with automatic collection of receivables. The car entering the highway must have an on-board - just as in the case with the existing since 2011. toll collection system on vehicles over 3.5 tonnes (viaTOLL). Entry and exit of the toll section of the road is recorded automatically , the same will be charged automatically "- says in the post. The Institute emphasizes that such a model will disappear impediments to the flow of traffic - without standing in line for the barrier is not a problem professional courier tracker at the entrance and exit of the highway. This solution will also save significant resources, now spent on manual handling toll. IJ admitted in his material that the last decade has changed the face of the Polish road infrastructure. While in 2008. Poland had 330 km of expressways and 663 km of motorways, is at the end of 2012. Drivers could use the 1366 km of motorways and 1097 km of expressways. Last year, the General Directorate for National Roads and Highways (GDDKiA) has just completed a little over 300 km of expressways and highways, and 677 km of slopes repaired. According to the plans, this year the traffic is to be included in more than 380 km of roads in both categories.
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