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Fill Aftkhartryn Sepahan of Iran

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Sepahan Isfahan FC, a football club was founded in Iran in the city. The club is now in the Premier League football (FIFA Persian Gulf) played. The club's owner, is-tional.
Fill Aftkhartryn Sepahan of Iran's Premier League history with four championship courses at the second, ninth, tenth, eleventh, and the first Iranian team that reached the final of the Champions League and the only team of the FIFA Club World Cup in 2007, the he found. The team Praftkhartryn football team in 1380 and the first and only club to win the 91-90 season in the Premier League title for the second time defending champion for the third consecutive year. Sepahan are the only team that won three championships in the history of football league champions three times in a row. Sepahan won three consecutive championships in the 1392 FA Cup and the Champions League dtdc tracking and the FA Cup for the fourth consecutive year of record in this case is in club football.
Iran's Sepahan in the club managed by a stable, orderly and systematic Mnasb, structure is known as the first champion by winning the season 82-81 non-league football, on the independence and sovereignty uncritically teams Persepolis end that.
According to the latest ranking of the world's top club teams in August 2013 was conducted by the International Federation of Football History & Statistics, Sepahan football team won 1557.27 points and ranked dtdc tracking 138 in the world, the second largest Iranian team and the teams of the Asian continent where sixth. [1]
Contents 1 History dtdc tracking 1.1 years to 1.3 years in 1360 and 1370 1330 and 1340 1350 1.2 years 1.4 years 1.5 years in 1380 in the final of the Champions dtdc tracking League in 1390 2 3 4 rival Club World Cup 4.1 Esteghlal Tehran, Isfahan Steel 4.2 4.3 5.1 Persepolis Tehran, 5 figures and the last chapters 6, 7 second team players, former players 7.3 7.2 7.1 Current leading players 7.3.1 Players 8 Players in World Cup Join the club's technical staff currently 8.3 8.2 8.1 Coaches Coaches Coaches stadium and training ground outstanding 9 9.2 9.1 home stadium training ground state 10 achievements 10.1 10.2 10.3 Asian unofficial 11 honors The individual chapters 12 goals in 13 Premier League clubs Sister 14 marks 15 days and 16 weeks Sepahan players martyr in the Iran-Iraq War 17 18 References 19 External links 19.1 sponsorship of History
The name was chosen dtdc tracking because the branches of the football club FC hawk and falcon Tehran Modeled after the club was founded. [4] In 1342, as the representative of the Championship after a 1-1 draw in Tehran, Iran on Tehran and was champion. Tehran, Isfahan, Shahin Shahin club was dissolved in 1346 and the name was changed to avoid a forced liquidation of the old names that Sepahan Isfahan chose to 1350. Fourteen-time champion of the clubs.
The team in 1350 as a representative of the company's League qualifiers. After overcoming dtdc tracking Esteghlal Ahvaz in Iran's regional finals of the license Cup in 1350 was the highest football league in 1350 and won the eight-team league, was fifth. In 1350 he left for his first trip abroad and in India SHAPE Challenge tournament runners-up. To participate in the League of Persepolis, Zob Ahan was chosen because of the facilities for the league and they were forced to participate in the league dtdc tracking and the Champions League and entered the Cup was Persepolis. They participated in four consecutive terms in the tournament.
Newly emerged in the early 1360's under the shadow of Tom and the team leader was responsible for M radiation. Starting League, they were one of the teams in the league are always present. Cultural activities, sports club until the end of 1371 and lasted until the economic situation has arisen with regard to the interests of the club, which was originally to maintain Sepahan name of the club early in 1372 was under the auspices of and management of the cement sepahan and the name of the Club Sport Sepahan Cement continued its activities. In the years Sepahan Cement assumed sponsorship of the team until 1379 and continued support. Changes in economic conditions and the supply dtdc tracking of shares on the stock exchange and not wanting dtdc tracking Dizicheh Sepahan Cement dtdc tracking Factory Bashgahdary new shareholders in 1379 was due to score the club's name assigned Mobarakeh- steel club Sepahan 'changed. [5] In late 1380
Sepahan's first Premier League era (81-80) with Stanko Poklepović began coaching. dtdc tracking Astankv first Sepahan coach in the league and is also the first foreign coach the team in the tournament. The coach then Zdravko Rajkov second foreign coach counts on Sepahan.
In the third season dtdc tracking of the league dtdc tracking (83-82) Sixth, in the fourth round (84-83) tenth, in the fifth round (85-84) in the seventh and sixth (86-85) won the fifth place. Sepahan seventh team in the league dtdc tracking (87-86) to overcome the many problems including Points and enforcement of games out of the house holding 2 months of intensive dtdc tracking games out of the house, until the last seconds finishing the league, won the seventh It This title 96 minutes into the match Persepolis Tehran 2-1 assigned as vice-champions became the seventh [6] and the eighth

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