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Cargo insurance in international airexpress transport is primarily intended for entrepreneurs, mainly producers and traders, but also for exporters and importers who in the course of their business come down or send all kinds of goods. Given the specific nature of the business, they are exposed to the damage in the course of transportation. Insurance is directed both to those entrepreneurs who transport goods using your own transport, as well as to companies using the services of commercial carriers. Undoubtedly, the benefits of international cargo insurance is to protect all stages of the transport. This concerns the carriage of goods by road (car or train), by air, sea or inland waterway, with the necessary actions reloading and storage of cargo on the transition road transport. Protection can also include loading or unloading operations. Such insurance may cover one shipment or several shipments in a given period. The sum insured airexpress may include the expected profit or commercial costs amounting to określnej percentage of the insured property, as well as the costs of transport to their destination, as well as duty and value-added tax. The costs of insurance of goods, taken in connection with the determination of customs value are those insurance costs that have been incurred during the transport of goods to their destination, while temporary storage of goods in connection with their transportation and during their loading and reloading, having a relationship with this transport.
Bunker adjustment factor (BAF) is occurring in maritime transport fee charged airexpress by a carrier in the event of an unexpected increase in fuel costs. In air transport, a similar fee is the charge Fuel surcharge (FSC). Currency adjustment factor (CAF) is used to compensate for sea carriers currency fluctuations. Congestion surcharge (C / S or PCS) is a fee applied to maritime transport, borne on the carrier and general airexpress compensate for the delay in ports. UK congestion surcharge is an additional charge occurring in maritime transport, which shall be paid to the sea in connection with the transport of goods on fiderach to the various ports in the United Kingdom. Destination delivery charge (DDC), also in maritime transport, cover labor costs cranes unloading containers from vessels and transport containers within the terminal and includes a gate fee (tipping fee), a fee for a certain amount of waste resulting from the operation taking place in the terminal . Diversion charge covers the cost of re-routing of your shipment and the previously designated destination for new ones. Peak season surcharge (PSS), can be applied to maritime transport when shipping lines are particularly burdened by the order or if there is heavy traffic resulting from increased demand for imported goods. airexpress
To these charges, we may also add shipping costs that are associated with organizing airexpress the transport service freight forwarder or carrying cargo. Often it is necessary to incur the costs of storing the goods before and during the transport. Costs or additional charges related to transport security in a third country are included in the customs value. airexpress Such costs appear on the side of entrepreneurs airexpress as a result of increasing safety requirements. Usually they occur in aviation and transports airexpress through areas with fragile states politically and socially. We must also take into account the loading and handling charges. With them frequently we meet in maritime and air transport.
Our team has many years of experience in the financial services targeted to the automotive market (car loans, leasing), and in financing the purchase of machinery and equipment. While working in the industry airexpress since the second half of the nineties we have gained the necessary practice and knowledge, which we use successfully to the satisfaction of our current and future customers.
2015 airexpress - the cheapest leasing from abroad. Powered by

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