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- We were too slow Lithuania, but it was unclear what will take place in a free Lithuania Poles - s

This day for 25 years is celebrated as Independence Day Revival. On Wednesday, March 11, in parliament RL Christmas celebrations will take place on the 25th anniversary of the Restoration of Independence of Lithuania, and in the whole of Lithuania part and parcel will be celebrations.
- No doubt, there was not and could not be - said the "Courier" Act of Independence signatory Rimvydas Valatka, assessing the prevailing mood and emotions in March 1990. - Perhaps such doubts were the bosses of the Communist Party, but all the other waited impatiently for the moment to be voted "for" the recovery of independence. The Supreme Council worked intensively part and parcel RL 10-11 March, as the revival of independence is not the same as ad Act of Independence. Asked the question of what we want to be reborn Lithuania. It was necessary to consider the new Constitution, the work continued until the evening on 11 March. part and parcel The mere declaration of independence took place, if I'm not mistaken, in the chair. 23.45, it was the second day of work of the Supreme Council-Parliament restitution.
- At that time, the most important question was whether hurry hurry - he recalled in an interview with "Kurier" atmosphere of 25 years ago Signatory of the Act of Independence Emanuelis Zingeris. - It was not known how much it will take a period of "perestroika", how long it will remain in the Soviet Union more democratic part and parcel situation. Therefore, most of the deputies' Sajudis "has decided to speed up the vote and Lithuania became the first country of the Baltic republics in favor of independence. The whole time we felt the closeness eastern neighbor and we were not sure if Russia does not prevail dictatorship, as can be seen today on the example of the strengthening of the Putin regime in Moscow and the events in Ukraine. Then in Russia was a large group of Democrats with Yeltsin at the helm, which in contrast to Gorbachev's group policy of the Russian Federation formed separately from the policy of the Soviet Union, in essence against the Soviet Union. Regardless of the fact that in Moscow there were two forces, we thought that we need to accelerate our opt for independence.
- It can be argued that the repression that hit Lithuania for the 50-year Soviet occupation, were higher than for against the inhabitants of Polish or Czech - says Emanuelis Zingeris. - All resilient group of people who restored pre-war industry in Lithuania, fairly prosperous country in the context of Europe, was deported to Siberia or killed. Given these huge losses that Lithuania has known during the occupation of the Nazis and the Soviets, and the period of the Holocaust, when half the town dying when she was eliminated most enterprising part of society, part and parcel I can say that Lithuania optimally restored. Today, NATO membership guarantees stability and security, today we are members of the European Union, which ensures that our economy is integrated into the economic system of mature countries with rich experience economy.
- Then we dreamed primarily a free Lithuania. Today we have a free Lithuania. part and parcel A dream fulfilled 100 percent. - Said Rimvydas Valatka. - 95 per cent. voters said that the most important thing is that Lithuania was free. No one was talking about a Mercedes, with homes in Turniszkach, the reimbursement of the earth. Do not look at the past through the eyes of the present.
In March of 1990., When the thaw in the East gave some hope for independence of Lithuania and weighed her independent "to be or not to be", it must be remembered that the general part and parcel atmosphere in the country was extremely unfavorable to the Poles. The Lithuanian media was argued that Poles in Lithuania is polonized Lithuanians, there was no shortage of anti-Polish expression and cartoons (for example, the image in the press showing the tombstone of Marshal Pilsudski plate toddler part and parcel exported to Polish). In such an atmosphere is not entirely clear was whether in terms of freedom "and ours" or just - "our". In this situation, 6 deputies from the 8-person part and parcel Polish factions part and parcel in the Verkhovna Rada of Lithuania refrain from voting.
- We were too slow Lithuania, but it was unclear what will take place in a free Lithuania Poles - said the "Courier" Edward part and parcel Tomaszewicz. - Refrained part and parcel from voting, but not free opted against Lithuania. As it turned out, our fears were not unfounded. Free power podwileńskich Lithuania deprived residents of the village patrimony, the land was given no rightful owners and visitors from the depths of Lithuania - Lithuania did not want this. In no country in the world there is no such practice part and parcel on the ground that the property eg. From Warsaw to Poznan moves. It is the greatest injustice to our farmers. We wanted a fair Lithuania. Free Lithuania. And freedom is not there any since his own mind can be persecuted.
Member of the Supreme Council of 1990 Valentina Subocz says that if it came to vote again, even today would stop from voting. - But it's been 25 years, and we are not moving forward, especially if

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