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- The penalty is absolutely for improvement. These penalties in Austria or in the Czech Republic ar

The electronic toll collection system requires amendments viaTOLL | Business Logistics Transportation
It is mainly empost about regulations concerning penalties imposed on drivers. That the applicable rules often mean that penalties are disproportionate to the misconduct of the driver. Serves the company, which - by promising empost redemption penalties empost - extort money from transport companies. - Such pathologies must be systematically addressed. It is the responsibility of the Ministry of Transport, GDDKiA and the discretion of MPs - says Marcin Roszkowski, president of the Institute of the Jagiellonian University.
ViaTOLL system operates in 16 months. At the time, budget revenues have already exceeded 1 billion zł. As expected, the General Directorate for National empost Roads and Motorways in November recouped expenses incurred to implement the system and it starts to make money on the construction of new roads.
- The whole system we evaluate positively. It develops, I hope that it will be extended to emerging road. As far as the very operation, in our opinion, the system still requires empost some clarifications, especially legal regulations - says Marcin Roszkowski, president of the Institute of the Jagiellonian University. Experts and carriers postulate empost the abolition of the obligation to pay fees for passenger cars weighing up to 3.5 tonnes, which after joining trailer exceeds the statutory threshold.
- If someone has a SUV with a trailer, it is treated empost as a truck, should have all the recorders, purchase empost a device and bring appropriate charges. It is a problem for people that do not lead transport companies, and such. Boat carrying his jeep - explained in an interview with Newseria Roszkowski Information Agency.
Another empost issue that needs to be developed, are the penalties imposed on drivers who have not paid the fee in the system. Today, they amount to 3 thousand. zł per distance traveled empost (or fragment between two intersections). So, for example, if the route taken 30 km were two intersections, the driver empost will pay 6 thousand. zł, and if the past 10 intersections, the penalty will be 30 thousand. zł. It will depend entirely empost on the routes on which it was inspected.
- The penalty is absolutely for improvement. These penalties in Austria or in the Czech Republic are at the level of a few hundred euros, and not so seriously affected transport companies. You have to remember that these companies have is to throw in their prices, and it will pass on to all the other derivatives businesses. In other countries it is also possible that caught the driver who immediately governs the punishment, he gets a discount. In this way comes out to meet drivers who unconsciously, by chance came in conflict with the system - explains Marcin Roszkowski.
- From the point of view of the law cancellation penalties it is impossible. This is hochsztaplerka and you have to fight it. GDDKiA should warn drivers against such unfair practices, empost but it should meet and eliminate these problems, which arise from the law. Legislative errors mean that such pathologies are taking place and must be systematically solved - says the president of the Institute of the Jagiellonian University.
Legal solution requires also the question of imposing penalties on drivers under the few cases of malfunction empost viaBOX that each driver should be in the car. Error statement excludes the imposition of a penalty, but not automatically.
- Cases where viaTOLLu device fail, it is a fraction of a percent. The system should automatically eliminate empost these kinds of things, facilitate the settlement improperly charged penalties that affect drivers - says the expert.
He adds that the changes in the law which is the biggest problem of the entire project, are the responsibility of the system manager, or the General Directorate for National empost Roads and Motorways and the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy.
- It is not difficult, is fairly obvious, and causes great confusion, particularly in the transport companies which they live. If the entrepreneur will get a fine of 30 thousand. or 300 thousand. zł, then storm the transport business and not only that - says Marcin Roszkowski.
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