Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Watch Apple will initially be on sale only in a few selected countries - Australia, China, France,

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A pple Watch soon goes on sale and already flash courier know a lot about the procedures of him pre-orders and the purchase on release. Prices flash courier are also known and available configurations and the likely details of AppleCare +.
Watch Apple in Apple Stores will already 10/04/2015. It can not be bought, but you will be able to experience it. Pre-orders flash courier the same move at 09:00 CET / 8:00 GMT on Friday, the 04.10.2015 and are meant to last two weeks - I suspect that stocks would last for a much shorter period of time.
In addition to the well-known Apple stores, will also be dedicated to look in stores that I called Apple Watch Store - Selfridges in London, Galeries Lafayette in Paris and Isetan in Tokyo. Sales - 24.04.2015
Watch Apple will initially be on sale only in a few selected countries - Australia, China, France, flash courier Hong Kong, Japan, Canada, Germany, UK and USA. With time, probably will go to other countries, including Polish. The procedure for trying on and buying Apple and Apple Watch Sports Watch
First, you will need to make an appointment to try on Apple Watcha the Apple Online Store or through Apple's App Store for iOS. After trying on and selecting the model, it will, of course, you can buy.
Customer, as we have come to an appointment, flash courier you will be directed to a specialist. However, if there is no agreed it will be able to join the queue "of people from the street". Then the time will go to the table with Apple Watchami flash courier that have enabled demo loop, demonstrating the main features. These tables are by Apple called "magic flash courier tables".
The customer will then be able to select up to two models to try on a specially designed for this space. Here they were both firmly attached watches and rag mats, similar to those found in traditional stores of watches. Tables in this "dressing" are secured drawers which contain up to eighteen different models of Apple's Apple Watch Sports & Watch. They also included a demo loop, but the engine is running Taptic to be able to experience it in person. Each table to try on watches will have four, six or ten positions, depending on the size of the store.
Smaller Apple Stores do not have enough space for a dedicated demonstration tables and trying them will have wystawki with watches. They may also occur further in larger stores. Each holds up to ten wystawkę Apple Watchów and has a mat and szmateczkę for cleaning. flash courier
After trying it on the watch client will be able to choose themselves accessories (BT headphones and charger) flash courier and additional straps to it. There will also be the opportunity to buy AppleCare +, which adds a year of protection for a total of two years for Apple and Apple Watch Sports Watch, or three years for Apple Watch Edition. The procedure flash courier for trying on and buying Apple Watch Edition
The client interested in the most expensive model will go straight to a dedicated expert, without having to make an appointment. Such a meeting will last up to 60 minutes and will take place in isolated dressing. A person buying will be able to try on no more than two watches flash courier at the same time to reduce the risk of theft, but the employees of Apple Store, and assessment of the situation in the shop, will be able to draw a third. If a client wants to model Edition compare to cheaper models is another employee will be asked to report them. Dressing will also have mats for deposition watches, but they are more like those in the jewelry stores.
After the purchase, the customer will be able to configure the Apple Watch Edition in two ways - on the spot by the examiner flash courier it supports or through a Virtual Private Setup. The latter consists of video conferencing with the client, which will be explained flash courier during its functionality. Those who opt for a model Edition flash courier will also receive flash courier access to a phone number with a dedicated technical support for two years, available around the clock, seven days a week.
Is Apple Watch will be repaired at the Apple Store? At first I did not. Will be sent to special points responsible for their service. Apple, however, will have the opportunity to exchange watches in the new art. There will also be an exchange flash courier can be ordered by phone. In case you have AppleCare will first send the watch to get a replacement model, in the case of AppleCare + is first delivered new, then it can send the wrong item.
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