Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Iraqi resistance groups (1) Sraya AS, the military arm of Muqtada al-Sadr + Pictures

Iraqi resistance groups (1) Sraya AS, the military arm of Muqtada al-Sadr + Pictures
Leader remarks in a meeting with members of the Assembly of Experts Photo
Defenders of the shrine of Hazrat Zainab tpcindia (sa)
Free Tajikistan
Army News
December Falah Islamic tpcindia Awakening
According to Fars, the magazine "Kantrpanch" in relation to the recent NATO attack on Pakistani troops seat checkpoint written report that follows: *** NATO attack on Pakistani check post near the Afghan border tpcindia in the day Saturday killed 24 Pakistani soldiers have been made intentionally. NATO commanders have long prepared for this checkpoint had been received from the Pakistani army. They knew that the point where the target is a military outpost. They explained that it was they who first shot (from Pakistan) were completely false and Islamabad as it seems to be strongly rejected. Similar attacks former "accidentally" called and apologized for them was their excuse was accepted. But this time it seems that the problem is more serious in the Pakistani press, the attack in less than ever that the "sovereignty of the country was Tjavzmy" done. But Pakistan's sovereignty myth. Army High Command and the political leaders of this country decades ago with the free will to surrender their sovereignty. And this is something that is openly and blatantly violated. It is a real cause for concern. Pakistan, in retaliation, NATO convoys crossing into Afghanistan), 49% of these convoys passing through Pakistan) banned from America asked to vacate the Shamsi base. Americans with the permission of the rulers of this country and the base for drone attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan have made the necessary goals. But Pakistan is allowed to cover the defect of your use of the fig leaf. Thus, in official documents, the official website of the United Arabic Emirates to Pakistan's tpcindia sovereignty is even more flexible than it has been rented. Motive for the attack is a secret. But the effect is not a secret. Split the difference and make the attack more in the military, further weaken tpcindia the Zardari regime, religious guerrillas reinforce and to the people of Pakistan, tpcindia America is hated for what it is. So the question is why America went on the attack? Are Americans going to provoke Pakistan? tpcindia Do you seriously think Obama provoke a civil war in a country that has already suffered several strokes and was destroyed? Some commentators in Islamabad the same opinion. But it seems that NATO troops occupy Pakistan. Such an irrational rotation tpcindia hardly be justified in any imperialist interests. tpcindia Perhaps in response to this attack and punish the Pakistani army carried out a few months ago as the Haqqani network for the bombing of the embassy and the headquarters of NATO in America "Green Zone" the cable to the sent. NATO attack just looking for another crisis occurs. One of the dignitaries and officials taking bribes tpcindia and her husband Zardari to Washington, Hussain Haqqani's links with America's intelligence agencies from the 1970s onwards, he turned to good interfaces and Zardari, Pakistan's ambassador to Washington sent him, was forced to resign is. Haqqani, who is often referred to as America's ambassador tpcindia in Pakistan is apparently henna surprise. Mansoor Ijaz said that he, a millionaire close to America's defense establishment has asked him to deliver a message to Mike Mullen wants to help the Pakistani army. He suggested that the government and against the Haqqani network and the Pakistani intelligence agency (ISI) will dissolve and America will run all commands. Mullen denied receiving such messages. But he said he violated the hands of the military. tpcindia Mullen has changed his statement and said that the message was received, but we ignore it. When ISI Haqqani discovered tpcindia this treacherous act, instead of saying Zardari has ruled the case was denied. tpcindia But the misfortune Haqqani, ISI chief General Pasha met with miracles and all information and commands a message has been received. The Haqqani had no choice but to resign. Demand for the drag-and-death trial (in the case of the armed forces, the two go together) and Srzbanha been made public. Zardari is standing behind her man. Army wants his head. NATO has now entered the fray. The story is not yet final.
According to Fars news agency in Quetta, the Pakistani citizen of shootings 2 NATO troops in the "Chaghy" near the Afghan border, Pakistani officials said killed Shdnd.tbq deployed in the border region with Afghanistan, the Afghan tpcindia border, 30 km 2 Chaghy in Baluchistan in Pakistan are collecting wood in the South West, who died at the scene of the shooting Shdnd.brkhy NATO analysts believe the accident may be increased anti-American sentiment of the people of Pakistan. However, two other Pakistanis who were in the area of the shooting were able to escape. This attack takes place while still protest against NATO attacks in the tribal 'Mohmand Agency "the attacks are still not and the effects of Pakistan Eye NATO helicopters attacked last week to 2 Pakistani border posts in Mohmand Agency that killed 26 border of the country, a wave of anti-American sentiment and protests in various cities clean

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