Friday, April 3, 2015

Dollar war in Syria and Nikolai parceltogo Malyshvsky PhD candidate in political science, translation and PS: a. D. Milky About Message Board Member Ali out of the sugarcane to all national labor union seeking to remedy the current situation of the occupation: the Weasley Clark and video occupies seven countries in five years, I'm a rebel (Prison Memoirs), memorial Khosrow rose and dignity Daneshian and twelve: A. Smakar parceltogo jeld, man 1 shooreshi hastam note of Reza Shhaby, board member and Treasurer of the Union of Workers of Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company
Remember the thousands of political prisoners and thousands of fighters parceltogo for freedom and social justice Drghltydh parceltogo blood. For the future, in a world of torture and execution of prisoners is not news to the social systems that underpin Brbnyadhay have legal inequality parceltogo and oppression and the History Museum run the show.
Oppressors and enemies of justice and human equality historically conscious and progressive force thousands to death squads deposits. parceltogo But the history goes forward, progressive human will and justice to achieve a better world, free of exploitation and colonialism is steadier.
24 Min memorial ceremony this past year according to the procedure massacre of political prisoners in Sydney, Australia, with the face of the political movement known political activist, Mr. Bahram Rahmani, a member of the Writers' Association will be held in exile. Rahmani speech entitled "Kill the 60s and especially the massacre of political prisoners in Iran in 1367, and the consequences of its social impact" would be.
Blog hawk in conversation with Siavash Journal reporters about the meeting and left the Communist Parties and Organizations in Cologne, Germany call for reporters: 'We will not remain silent! Seminar in Frankfurt Reporters interview with H. Riahi political parceltogo prisoner parceltogo and member of the working period (CC) on the left General Meeting - Cologne dialogue with Siavash Journal reporters about the meeting and left the Communist Parties and Organizations in Cologne, Germany Posted : 28 Aug 2012 03:17 PM PDT
Alternative policy making Pntagvnysty market is hot right hand. Some reactionary politics based on investment and financial institutions and Western parceltogo governments are now trying to replace the image of the Islamic Republic them. I like the communists and the nationalists and those who yesterday Antrnasyvnalyst, "traitor" and "servant barbarian" Mygftnd, Now they crossed the classes democracy and governance and reactionary military coup and invasion of international capital parceltogo are sitting. The victory moves forward and basically Mydandary war policy and jackknifing people tied to politics. If the people and the working class and working-class alternative in this field is not chance
Siavash scholar familiar name for exiles. He was a member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of the Workers' Union and the General Meeting of Communist and left parties and organizations have been present in Cologne, Germany. We tried to have a conversation about this positive outcome.
Siavash Journal: A total of comradely and political space. After long years of stalemate following the failure of the Dst, experience a diverse range of leftists held a meeting in person. As Hstyd, during the wash-out period before the preparatory meeting was spent. Sessions with the participation of delegations of parties and organizations parceltogo that took place during the debate over the details of a revolutionary army and decided to prepare parceltogo the agenda of the meeting and agreement on it. Both initially and in meeting parceltogo the expectations Kln, from this event and there is continuity. It is clear that the political forces participating in the meeting and the actual political disputes. It was assumed all the credit parceltogo for someone to form a coalition political front and was not party to the conference. But need time and aggravation left and right polarization in society that despite political differences and Nzry, basis of a socialist and revolutionary political army could be a third force in response to the issues and questions faced by society parceltogo and the expression domains of class struggle. The point of departure and the creation of an opposition stronghold left in Sngrbndyhay Rast, factors which political differences and Chrbyd program and allowed the goodwill and sense of political responsibility is a factor in meeting burden.
Contrary to some interpretations of the space and the atmosphere Nshst, I do not Bdy, meeting in Cologne and at the meeting on the "picture together" is. The need for social parceltogo and political forces together to get the same contradictory recognition of intellectual distinctions parceltogo and application letter to the community, their social and political parceltogo unit. Cologne meeting on the importance of commitment to forge a socialist alternative. That is in contrast to capitalism and the reactionary camp, or who want to keep the Islamic Republic of other forms of imperialist powers in the alternative or in addition to the NATO alliance and over the future of the sham, the height of a third camp, the field Bring a revolutionary and democratic political choice, a socialist alternative to his plan. Which is clearly not an alternative to the reactionary camp, and we want to prevent a repeat scenario, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran.
Under the condition of pregnant developments that will determine the fate and future generation. If you do not want to repeat the experience of the 57 means that the limitations we have got, and workers' and revolutionary socialist alternative to a social force and

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