Thursday, April 9, 2015

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And if you were to have a son, then by all means make sure to go to medical school, because nothing better in life will not be able to do Hippocrates
The above quote I found in the book Hearing absolute, and is actually an interview with the late River. Andrew Szczeklik, a prominent internist, physician legend so to speak, who treated, among others, Lema, Milosz, Szymborska, Wajda, Tischner, Mrozek ...., and in addition was playing the piano at the Piwnica. This may actually Hippocrates was right?
I am currently in the acquisition phase of academic books, in other words, I explore the dense undergrowth of wild Allegro, indeed OLX and straining eyes (I'm not kidding, -6 diopters of two years;) I'm trying to catch the best offers of used goods research. And so I became the proud owner of histology Sawicki and 5 loaf volumes for a little over 200 zł. : D The following items tend to slow courier. After long dilemmas Netter and Sobotta, I chose you out of the number one, with the nomenclature of the English ..... Bydgoszcz gave even as an alternative version of the characters, but I will not tempt. In any case, looking at this growing on the dresser "pile" I am happy like a fool and drought in the mental teeth smile. Also to see if I will laugh in November;)
Significant losses in the already very large budget, I try to patch (like a hole in the budget Tusk) selling collection of secondary school ondot textbooks, workbooks, and even the Olympic test. They go like hot cakes: DA and gratisie throw in some kserówki. PP homework ondot made up for :)
And so the more mundane issues that in the past weeks, I give myself free sweet idleness. Waiting for the new season of Downton Abbey and Greys'ów ondot fascinated absorbs ER (heart ondot massage hands bent popular is probably not only in Seattle: D). What would it be without Cristina Yang ??? Funeral pall of September. By October I'm going to end 3-volume "weatherman for the rich," Shaw, a Coben (my first) that I downloaded on the ebook and may be something that I probably still fall under the arm. Oh, and I look forward to Allen's new film, this time visitors to the Cote d'Azur.
I have read and I Catharsis Szczeklik blown away - just really hard to track down the rest of his books in bookstores, unless I am dependent on Allegro ... A Coben recommend, excellent reading a boring evenings. : D I've always liked to source new textbooks, ondot and always bought more, I had a banana on your face. Only get worse with the content, especially during the school year ...; P Reply Delete
The Answer
My first was a read Coben book "In the depths of the forest", I recommend;) I looked through some of your previous posts and I feel something that detective Simon Beckett would also like you;) The main character is a forensic anthropologist. And with these medical strictly a book by Jurgen Thorwald. Regarding the anatomical atlases and what I Netter and Sobotta. Figures in Netterze this championship, plus Sobotty However, brain sections. A Sawicki ... Well, I'll ondot tell you this, it will be hard to like him ...;) Cheers! Reply Delete
Hey, I just downloaded this position Coben! Hehehe, ondot I opened the first Netter, how enchanted turned the page after page. Forensic anthropologist, immediately comes to my mind the character of Jack Stapleton of Robin Cook's ondot books :) Delete
Hey, I just downloaded ondot this position Coben! Hehehe, I opened the first Netter, how enchanted turned the page after page. Forensic anthropologist, immediately comes to my mind the character of Jack Stapleton of Robin Cook's books :) Reply Delete
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